#PeelsAndPostCare Series 1

Some Of Our Favorite Peels And Matis After Care

(Lactic acid 20% + DMAE 3%)
The combination of Lactic Acid with DMAE creates the formula for Meso Lifting to be an exceptional moisturizing and rejuvenating treatment. With antioxidant properties, it provides an excellent lifting effect.
Sumptuously – velvety texture that glides all over the skin. Ultra protective cream. Protects and brings comfort. Revives radiance. High-tech firming action. An exclusive Matis complex, real architect of the dermis, to fight against sagging. The skin appears smoother, toned, strengthened and more beautiful.

#SensitiveSkin Series 1

Some Of Our Favorite Picks For Sensitive Skin

The soft and delicate texture of SensiBiotic Cream brings comfort and relief, soothed and more resistant, so the skin becomes less reactive. Fresh and clean, the skin is ready to receive daily care. A cream that has the power to rebalance the bioflora and preserve the skin barrier.

The creamy texture of the SensiMilk Toner provides an immediate sensation of comfort and well-being. It combines the sweetness of a milk with the freshness of a lotion and removes all traces of make-up while respecting the skin. A multi-function gesture of cleaning care for a removed make-up, soft and comfortable skin.

#AcneAwareness Series 1

Some Of Our Favorite Picks For Oily Skin Concerns 

It favors cellular renewal, balancing the brightness and smoothness of the skin, improving its texture. Its component, glycolic acid, favors the elimination of dead cells and activates cellular metabolism allowing an immediate renewal of the skin. It is indicated for excess of sebum secretion, solar erythema (hyperkeratosis actinic) and is specially designed for skins with seborrheic tendency or hyperkeratosis.
This clear gel removes dead cells and smoothly helps tighten pores, with respect to skin balance. In contact with water, it turns into a creamy foam and leaves the skin supple, soft, bright and clear. Pores are tightened. Makeup application is easier and makeup hold is prolonged.