T35P Peel, New from MCCM

Sounds too good to be true,… But it is!

Trichloroacetic Acid . Kojic Acid .  Arbutin .  Hydrogen Peroxide


The T35P is an innovative peeling developed by MCCM, which does not affect the surface layer of the skin, and therefore does not require a long recovery period. See below for my experience using this amazing new product.

Due to T35P’s unique composition, the solution acts very quickly, almost instantly, penetrates the dermis thereby activating skin regeneration and renewal without harming the epidermis. This means it does not only remove the toughened skin, but also penetrates deep inside, acting on the epidermal skin layer, down to the basal layer, stimulating it to actively renew and regenerate.


ABSENCE OF REHABILITATION PERIOD (there is no skin flaking, oedema)



AVAILABLE ALL YEAR (it is not necessary to wait for the cold season or reduced solar activity) –

Results from the first session onwards, persisting for a long period of time –



Each molecule of T35P has unique combination of 35% TCA, Hydrogen Peroxide [H2O2], that helps neutralize the TCA effects (therefore, there’s no need to neutralize), adding the benefits of the Kojic Acid [C6H6O4] and Arbutin [C12H16O7] .

Trichloroacetic Acid 35% – is a chemical peel that is widely used in medium depth, because it transcends the epidermis and reaches the superficial dermis, achieving great results in this depth of peeling. This peel has very good results in more subtle and superficial imperfections, such as wrinkles and dilated pores.

Hydrogen Peroxide – it reaches the papillary dermis and going through the superficial layers of the skin, the H2O2 reduces the aggressive effect of hydrogen ions of TCA (H +), preventing the denaturing of the corneal layer and water release. In low concentration, it has several other important effects in the dermis: it improves the fibroblast activity, regulates the activity of lymphocytes and the inflammation caused by TCA .

Kojic acid – The main goal of this component is the skin whitening. The chemical composition of this acid suppresses the melanin production. In the past, it was used to eliminate pigmentation, freckles, remove post-acne spots, and scars. .

Arbutin – It is a substance derived and naturally found in plants such as Bearberry, cranberries, blueberries, wheat and pears. Our bodies decompose Arbutin into glucose and hydroquinone. Arbutin is a natural ‘cousin’ of synthetic hydroquinone. It’s a very good alternative to hydroquinone for the treatment of various types of pigmentation and hyper pigmentation spots.

So, three of us here at the office decided to try this peel out.  WE LOVED IT!!!! It was such an easy peel, no down time, no flaking and visible noticeable results in six hours.  It plumps up those fine lines and wrinkles almost instantly as well as delivering a NOTICIABLE whitening and lightening effect on those dreaded areas of hyperpigmentation.  Best of all, we could do it even being in the middle of summer here in Texas with no issues as IT IS NOT PHOTOREACTIVE!!!!! We love that! Whole treatment takes about 50 minutes.

So, here is what we did. First, we set up and cleansed our skin very well followed by a good gentle exfoliation using the Matis Face Renew 100.  Finally, we applied toner and let it dry.

Then using a cotton disk, we applied the MCCM Cleansing Solution.  This is a very important step as it works as a degreaser to ensure good penetration of the product.

Once that was dry, we applied small amounts of the T35P peel solution using the applicator tip.   Using gloved hands, we gently massaged in the T35P product all over the face and left it on the face for at least three minutes until it was fully absorbed.  Then the applied two additional layers, using the same massaging technique, waiting at least three minutes between each layer for the product to be totally absorbed.

Now here is the strange part….. YOU DO NOT REMOVE THE PEEL SOLUTION.  DO NOT RINSE,  DO NOT ADD A SERUM AND DO NOT MICRONEEDLE.  Let it rest on the face while you do a basic hand and scalp massage or scalp and shoulder massage.  When complete, you apply a good anti-aging cream such as the MCCM Argireline cream and some sun screen for good measure and end the treatment.  I know, weird right?

But here is the thing, because this product contains hydrogen peroxide, there is no need to neutralize anything and the longer it is on the face the better it works.

So, we went home and removed the product when we did our regular facial cleansing that evening.  We did not do any thing special, just cleanse, tone, serum and cream.  WOW!  The lightening effect was SO NOTICABLE!  All of us were simply amazed and drastic improvement in the fine lines around the eyes and mouth as well.

Treatment can be repeated every two weeks.

We just love this product!  Better than that even, the results lasted and there was no recovery time.  No flaking, no skin peeling, just bright beautiful plumped skin.  I promise you; I am not overselling this.  You and your clients will be so very happy with this product.  Try it and let us know what you think!

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Champagne Treatment Special!

MCCM Champagne Mask Treatment with Matis Vitamin C Home Care

June 6, 2019

Ok ya’ll, so this was an amazing experience with really dramatic results.  Talk about a fun day at the office! Four of us tried out this treatment protocol and not only had a great time, but our skin looks amazing even several days after the treatment.

So, you know how it is, summer time, time in the sun and elements.  We don’t always give our skin the care it needs and we end up with tired, dull skin.  This treatment revitalizes your skin and gives it a glowing new life.  I am just back from St Thomas and lots of sun so this was the perfect treatment to pamper my skin and bring it back to all its glory. 

We decided to do it up right with an actual glass of champagne, fresh fruit and chocolate before and after the treatment.  The treatment itself is an exfoliating mask treatment that includes a 20% vitamin C ampoule and hydrating and glowing vitamin C fiber mask after and luxurious Champagne cream after.

I can’t say enough how much I love it!  So after cleaning, doing a slight exfoliation with Matis Youth grain scrub, and toning, we applied MCCM salicylic removing and let that dry.  We the put about 20 to 25 drops of the Spray Prof that is included with this treatment in a small bowl and then thoroughly sprayed my face till is was well moistened with the Spray Prof.  We then mixed the power in the mixing bowl, which started the effervescence effect and the quickly applied it all over the face gently working in all over the face in circular movements with our fingers. It works best if the face is still wet from the Spray Prof.    Then, very quickly we dropped a bit over 1/2 a Vitamin C ampoule and a bit over 1/2 of a Vitamin A ampoule (optional upgrade to the treatment kit).  We used a dropper to drop it all over the face and then began to work it in quickly, again in circular movements.

We each had an immediate warming sensation at the first of the treatment followed by about 30 to 60 seconds of a bubbling effect.  The mixture transforms from a bubbly mixture to a deep cleansing scrub.  Work it all over the face. And then we let it sit for about 10 minutes.  The mixture turns into a white light film all over the face as it dries, drawing out impurities.  We all noticed that our skin reacted to the Vitamin C by reddening during the treatment.

Then, we applied a cold wet cloth gently over the face, pressing gently to loosen up the mask, and then working gently to remove the mask with cold water and a damp cloth.  Then we dropped most of the remaining vitamin C and A ampoules directly on our faces working it in gently with our fingers and finally, applying the Vitamin C fiber sheet mask right on top and we let it sit for 20 minutes.

Finally, after removing the sheet mask, we mixed any of the remaining ampoules in with a few pumps of the Champagne cream included in the kit and let it dry.  WOW! And immediate result and we all felt that it looked even better the following day. 

I am following up with my Matis Vitamin C Vitality Energizing Serum, Cream and Mask for my home care and I am just almost in disbelief at what a difference this has all made on my summer skin.   This is a definite winner in my book and for those of us at the office and will be one I repeat again soon!  I can’t over sell this one enough!  And the home care kit is great!  It has a very light citrus scent, is creamy but not too heavy and just brings out the glow in my skin after getting it all clean, unclogged and free of the dead skin with this Champagne treatment.  Give it a try and let me know how it worked for you!!!