Micro-needling with MCCM Ampoules

Are you micro-needling with MCCM ampoules yet? If not, why not? These ampoules are made up of high quality, sterile ingredients. Our clients notice dramatic results usually within a few days of the first treatment. Maximum results are evident within three short weeks. This week I am spotlighting a few of my favorites!

MCCM Vitamin A Ampoules

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Micro-Needling with MCCM ampoules

The main ingredient in this Vitamin A serum is Retynol Palmitate.  This can be a bit harsh on the skin so depending on your skin analysis, could be a good compliment to a whitening peel if used in a series of treatments as referenced above.  It helps produce collagen and helps firm the skin while at the same time aiding in cell renewal and protecting your skin.  I love it because I tend to struggle with acne in addition to hyper pigmentation and I also have sensitive skin that gets inflamed easily.  This ampoule treats all of these issues while restoring damaged skin which works well after a peel treatment.  As with most ampoule treatments, full effects are noticed after two to three weeks.  You will continue to see improvement during that time.

MCCM Organic Silicon

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Micro-needling with MCCM ampoules

The main ingredient in this serum is Methylsilanol Mannuronate.  This formulation is good for all skin types and has a regenerative effect on the skin.  Like the Vitamin A ampoule, it stimulates collagen production as well.  This would be great to use on it’s own for someone after a peel who does not struggle so much with acne or inflammation of the skin.  Alternatively it can be mixed in a cocktail with other ampules.   Mixing it with the Vitamin A ampoule would increase the collagen production even more than using the Vitamin A alone.

MCCM Olegoelements

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Micro-needling with MCCM Ampoules

The main ingredients in this ampoule are Trace Elements (Zinc and Iron).This is one of my favorites for my skin.  It is great for all skin types but especially good for oily, mixed and acne prone skin.  I love it because it helps balance  the oil production on my skin while adding some protection and nutrients to my skin.  It restores my cell metabolism so my skin looks more health and plump over time with best results in a few weeks.

MCCM Anti-aging premixed cocktail

This cocktail is the prime time line of skin smoothing ingredients.  It has Dexpanthenol, DMAE, Organic Silicon, Asian Centella and Hyaluronic Acid.  WOW!!!! The best of the best when treating wrinkles, expression lines, lifting and eye contour.  These ingredients are rich in vital nutrients for the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin, treating edema all while having a strong tensing effect on the skin while providing strong hydration.  This serum cocktail leaves my skin so soft and hydrated and looks younger right away.  It reduces those dreaded expression lines and helps fight premature aging of the skin. This is great when used in combination with a micro needling treatment.  I can’t say enough of how much I love this treatment. Sign in or sign up for a professional account to see the whole selection of available ampoules and micro needling products! Micro-needling with MCCM Ampoules will give you the results you want and keep your clients coming back for more!

Micro-needling products from MCCM distributed by RD Management.

If you need the equipment for your Micro-needling treatments, never fear RD Management is here! We have everything from Micro-needling rollers to our widely used and loved Derma-Q Pen. The Derma Q pen allows me to adjust the depth of the needle head depending on the application and area of the face and body that I am working on at the time. You will love the versatility of it! I use the pen with one time use pen heads that are either 12 pin for the face or 24 pen for the body. I apply the contents of the ampoules I am using and then work the pen around that area, reapplying the ampoule serum three to five times and going over each treated area after each application. Have whatever you need shipped to you the same day!

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