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Its formula contains an exclusive complex that comprises an anti-stretch mark active ingredient and sacha inchi oil to improve skin texture and boost cell renewal. Hyaluronic acid is included to help prevent stretch marks from forming.

Stretch marks become less visible and the skin is left toned and better equipped to prevent new stretch marks appearing.

After 56 days:

91% Stretch marks are less visible*

86% Skin seems more resistant to new stretch marks*

86% Stretch marks are smoothed*

*Results of self-evaluation on 20 volunteers expressed in % of satisfaction after two applications per day during 56 days.

Application advice : Apply to thighs, hips and the tummy, massaging in using gentle circular motions. Suitable for pregnant women.

Content : 200ml 


SkinStretch complex : This complex is composed of an anti-stretch mark, firming and healing active ingredient. Studies on the dermis and epidermis are demonstrated this activity on the skin regeneration: it allows a better organization of the collagen fibers, which results in a better skin appearance and elasticity. In addition, it stimulates the multiplication of « aged » cells, has anti-stretch marks action (clinical evidence) and it reduces the energy necessary to heal.

Hyaluronic acid : This high molecular weight hyaluronic acid is obtained thanks to a natural biotechnological process. It takes part in the anti-stretch marks prevention and leads to a hydrating and plumping action.