Melilotus 2ml X 20 Ampoules #0061

Melilotus 2ml X 20 Ampoules #0061

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It helps reduce leg fatigue and is recommended for people who spend lots of time standing or those who have a very sedentary lifestyle and limited mobility in the lower limbs. It is also used to eliminate fatty acids and fluid retention that accompany cellulite.


  • Melilotus Officinal: Reduces inflammation; stimulate the lymphatic circulation, reducing swelling
  • Rutin: Anti-oxidant strengthens capillaries; inhibits platelet aggregation and decreases capillary permeability, making the blood thinner and improving circulation


  • Celullitis
  • People who spend a lot of time standing or have a sedentary lifestyle


  • Decreases the feeling of tired legs
  • Improves local circulation
  • Prevent loss collagen


  • Apply the content of the ampoule in the zone to treat through a massage with circulatory movements, or incorporate the ampoule in a cream base to improve its application. "Mesotherapy without needle" or "virtual mesotherapy", or to elevate results obtained with electrotherapy techniques such as ultrasounds, ionization, diatherapy or other types of medical devices used in beauty treatments.

2 ml x 20 ampoules - All skin types