MelanoWhitening Cream

MelanoWhitening Cream

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Melano WHITENING is a cream designed to reduce melanic blemishes. After continuous treatment, the skin surface has visibly a more uniform tone and a brighter and smoother texture. It is a cream for daily use.


  • Kojic Acid: Whitening agent
  • Phytic Acid: Inhibitor of tyrosinase, blocking the entry of iron and copper in the formation of melanin
  • Ascorbic Acid: ealing, helping on establishing collagen; anti-oxidant properties; whitening agent
  • Lactic acid: AHA, moisture, antimicrobial, whitening and rejuvenate the skin
  • Retinyl Palmitate: Anti-oxidant, reduce acne, photo-damage and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. inhibit tyrosinase induction


  • Lighter skins
  • Smooth blemishes
  • Lightening cream
  • Wrinkles


  • Bleaching cream a long period of time to erase the melanin memory
  • Allow reducing coetaneous spots, performing a triple action: whitening, antioxidant and protective
  • Very positive results and most of the clients begin to perceive the results within a few days


  • Apply to the face, small amount till cover the skin, making a thin layer. Apply at evening. This will be as a Whitening mask, leaving on the skin around 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water and apply the XR Cellular Magic and the respective facial cream. Apply every day.

30 gr - All skin types