Lift-Perf Travel Size

Lift-Perf Travel Size

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Its velvety texture absorbs quickly, leaving skin supple and comfortable. LIFT-PERF draws on hyaluronic acid for a long-lasting wrinkle-filling effect, a collagen-boosting peptide to strengthen the dermis and a toning active ingredient to lift and smooth the facial features.

The result: wrinkles are corrected for smoother skin and a face lift like-effect.

100% The contours of the face are redefined*

100% The features are immediately firmed up*

100% The treatment has a lifting effect*

*Results expressed in % of satisfaction, as experienced by 22 women applying twice a day for 28 days

Application advice : Apply in the morning or before special occasions after HYALUPERF-SERUM.

Content : 20ml


Hyaluronic acid + lifting peptide