Glutathione 5ml X 5 Vials 1500 IU *Powder (add 10ml Saline) #0295

Glutathione 5ml X 5 Vials 1500 IU *Powder (add 10ml Saline) #0295

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The active ingredients of Glutathione prevent the damage caused by reactive oxygen species and free radicals when acting as an antioxidant and detoxifying agent. Glutathione is an essential component of melasma and depigmentation treatments due to its capacity to inhibit melanin synthesis.


  • Restores and regenerates damage skins and prevents dryness of the skin, providing smoothness
  • Lightening skin


  • Glutathione: Inhibits melanin synthesis in the reaction of tyrosinase; neutralizes free radicals and maintains exogenous anti-oxidants such as vitamins C and E in their reduced (active) forms; Improves cells renewal.


  • Melasma and hyper-pigmentation
  • Photo-aging, sun-spots and prevents sun blemishes


  • Apply the content of the ampoule in the zone to treat through a massage with circulatory movements, or incorporate the ampoule in a cream base to improve its application. Put the content of the ampoule in gel prepared to use in mesotherapy without needle or virtual mesotherapy or to elevate results obtained with electrotherapy techniques such as ultrasounds, ionization, diatherapy or other types of medical devices used in beauty treatments

5 ml x 5 vials- All skin types