Collagen Pyruvate 2ml X 20 Ampoules #0124

Collagen Pyruvate 2ml X 20 Ampoules #0124

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The ingredients of Collagen Pyruvate ampoules with regenerative properties help break the cells from the deep and superficial skin layer, improving elasticity and hydration .They are particularly indicated for the treatment of flaccidity, stretch marks, aging, strengthening the capillary vessels. The collagen pyruvate ampoules stimulate the fibroblast activity and collagen synthesis.


  • Improves the elasticity and hydration of the skin.


  • Pyruvic Acid: Stimulates the fibro-blast activity and the collagen synthesis


  • Treatments of flaccidness, stretch marks, aging, reaffirmation and alopecia


Apply the content of the ampoule in the zone to treat through a massage with circulatory movements, or incorporate the ampoule in a cream base to improve its application. Put the content of the ampoule in gel prepared to use in mesotherapy without needle or virtual mesotherapy or to elevate results obtained with electro-therapy techniques such as ultrasounds, ionization, diatherapy or other types of medical devices used in beauty treatments.

2 ml x 20 Ampoules - All skin types