City-Mood + SPF

City-Mood + SPF

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Computer, smartphone and tablet screens can all have negative effects on the skin, causing oxidative stress within cells and accelerating the skin's natural aging process. This protective barrier has an ultra-lightweight texture, and helps protect cells from blue light and UV rays for stronger skin that is better protected against photo-aging.

Its formula blends a plant-based blue light protector, cranberry extract's well known for anti-free radical properties, UVA/UVB filters and SPF 50.

100% : Skin is better protected from harmful external factors (pollution, stress, smoking, etc)*

*Self-assessed results based on 20 women applying once a day over three weeks, 100% satisfied

Application advice : Shake well before use. Two ways to use: Daily care: apply over or under any product from the Réponse Préventive. On-the-go: sun protection in the city.

Content : 30ml


Photo-protective plant complex : From the flowers of butterfly bush, this complex is a real shield against UV and blue light. The flowers, highly concentrated in phenylpropanoids, protect the skin's skin barrier against UV rays. It prevents the breakdown of the extracellular matrix by stimulating the synthesis of elastin.

Cranberry : Rich in polyphenols, cranberries contain a large amount of flavonoids which gives it its antioxidant properties. It helps the skin to preserve its youthful capital.