Anti-Seborrhea 5ml X 20 Ampoules #0065

Anti-Seborrhea 5ml X 20 Ampoules #0065

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It is a biological sebum regulator concentrate with a cutaneous purifying action that prevents follicular obstruction, black heads and regulates sebaceous secretion. It restores the natural balance of the hydro-lipidic film, eliminates excess oil and at the same time it hydrates deeply seborrheic skin with acne tendency.


  • Chamomile: Soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti- bacterial
  • Burdock: Regenerates the dermal structure
  • Urtica Dioica (Nettle): Anti antiseptic, bactericide
  • Salvia: stimulates cell regeneration and purifies oily skin
  • Biotin: Astringent, tonic and antiseptic


  • Oily and Combination skin and with impurities


  • Organic sebum regulator, reducing the accumulation of impurities
  • Prevents obstruction follicular


  • Apply the Antiseborrhea after on face, neck and hair, with a light massage. Apply the ampoule 2 x week. For an intensive treatment use daily. Should be recommended to apply after Salicylic Removing for a complete treatment.

5 ml x 20 Ampoules - All oily and combination with impurities skin types