Anti-Aging 5ml X 10 Ampoules #0049

Anti-Aging 5ml X 10 Ampoules #0049

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It is a cocktail rich in active nutrients and revitalizing agents used for rejuvenation and anti-aging. The combination of Dexpanthenol, Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), Organic Silicon, Asian Centella and Hyaluronic Acid help combat the signs of intrinsic and extrinsic aging. This provides a more moisturized, nourished, smoother and revitalized skin.


  • Fights premature aging
  • Improves face flacidity and helps to reduce the expression lines
  • Leaves the skin softened, hydrated and younger


  • DEXPANTHENOL  5%: Rich active nutrients and revitalizing agents
  • DMAE  2%: Strong tensor effect
  • ORGANIC SILICIUM  2%: Fight free radicals, stimulated collagen and elastin
  • ASIAN CENTELLA - 2%: Increase the formation of collagen; anti-edema
  • HYALURONIC ACID  0.1%: Strong hydration



  • Expression lines
  • Eye Contour
  • Skin lifting
  • Fine lines and wrinkles


Apply the content of the ampoule in the zone to treat through a massage with circulatory movements, or incorporate the ampoule in a cream base to improve its application. Put the content of the ampoule in gel prepared to use in mesotherapy without needle or virtual mesotherapy or to elevate results obtained with electrotherapy techniques such as ultrasounds, ionization, diatherapy or other types of medical devices used in beauty treatments.

5 ml x 10 Ampoules -All anti-aging skin types