MCCM Medical Cosmetics

MCCM is based in Porto, Portugal, where it houses its headquarters, logistics and training department, and in Barcelona, Spain, where the laboratories and manufacturing plants are located. The brand is represented in 52 countries worldwide and growing.


Mesosystem established itself quickly as a leader in the market industry of health, beauty and wellness. Providing effective cosmetics and high technology equipment.

The success of Mesosystem is due to its dedication and research in developing new products combined with a passion to provide excellent treatments and achieving breaking results.

Mesosystem being owner of several international brands, that are committed in advanced medical cosmetics which combine technology with beauty and well being. Entrepreneurship and experience create a competitive range of products, based on the highest standard of requirements and accuracy, insuring high quality.


Focusing on innovation and development, we aim to present the market with effective results and solutions from our high-tech equipment and advanced skincare products.


Total commitment – with all our driven passion, MCCM aims to devote itself to one business: The Spirit Of Beauty.

The solution- we have the Know-How, technology and capacity to develop products that suit the markets needs.

Vision of the future- Remain at the forefront and continue with high expectations and exceed our Know-How.

Competitive Advantage- maximizes resources and production.

Integrity, respect and courage within the market and especially our customers. Immeasurable dedication and support in finding the solutions in medical cosmetics, beauty and wellness.