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The Kelly O, MilanoOut System MCCM Mecial Cosmetics Results Diary Continued

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Following up on our article from January 28, Melanin, Mom, Mobiles & Malasma, we checked back with Kelly O. on her progress. Above you can see the images of progress and below, is the rest of her story!

Day 13 – 21

WOW!  Loving the results.  It is slow and not as quick as I would hope, but definitely there is a lightening going on!  I have taken a second series of photos to show the progress thus far (see below).  Most of the areas have significant improvement but there is an area on one area of my cheek that still does not look much different.  The areas along my jaw, my nose, my forehead and my upper lip look much better and defiantly lighter.  My treatment professional has recommended I go thru a second round of treatment to continue the progress.  I notice that my skin is red, like as if slightly sunburned, but it is no longer acting as sensitive as it was.  The stinging and burning is no longer an issue that it was the first two weeks. I no longer feel it.  I am still flaking some in all areas, again, as if recovering from a sun burn. I am wearing makeup during the day now over my creams with no problem.  I have been assured that the redness will go away once I am done with the treatment and on the maintenance program.  The health of my skin is noticeably better.  It is clear, less dry, more supple and glowing, especially in my forehead area.  I have continued to notice that a few new areas of Melasma have pulled out on to my face that was not there before, but they are starting to lighten as well by now. 

Updated Image Results

MCCM Medical Skincare, MelanoOut Results
MCCM MelanoOUT, definitely working.
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While my treatment professional thinks that the simply repeating the basic treatment we did on day one will be sufficient, for the purposes of this diary, we have decided to do the more aggressive treatment that includes two micro needling sessions, additional trips into the treatment room are required as well as some at home application of the mask.  It is a bit more complex but we wanted to see what the results and the experience might be like so here we go!

Day 22- 28

I am five days into my second round of treatment. Did the mask as before on day one, microneedling with mask on day three, Mask overnight on day five and mask all day today on day seven.  My skin is much less sensitive to the treatment this time around which is very nice.

More Round 2

My skin is red again and flaking, just not as stinging especially noticeable days 2 -4. I do a second microneedling session on day nine to get the mask deeper into the skin. I like the results. 

Stay tuned for additional updates!

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