#Anti-Aging Series 5

Some Of Our Favorite Products For Anti-Aging Concerns

Due to its components, the Champagne Cream gives the skin a moisturizing effect prolonged, keeping it healthy and bright throughout the day.

Helps to diminish the pigment defects like age; sun spots and imperfection marks. It improves the skins uniformity and provides luminosity.

#PeelsAndPostCare Series 5

Some Of Our Favorite Peels And Matis After Care

(Arginine 20% +Lactic acid 10% + Allantoin 1%)

The combination of Arginine, Acid Lactic and Allantoin cause a flash effect with immediate tensor effect. It helps reduce wrinkles, improve skin thickness and firmness, increasing collagen synthesis.

The star wrinkle fillerThe skin is intensely hydrated. Lines are smoothed and filled. Acts like an alternative to cosmetic surgery for radiantly young skin.

#SensitiveSkin Series 5

Some Of Our Favorite Picks For Sensitive Skin

12 masks/box – All skin types Hydrogel Mask with active ingredients that refresh, hydrate and smooth the skin, promoting a facelift.

5 ml x 20 Ampoules – All oily and combination with impurities skin types It is a biological sebum regulator concentrate with a cutaneous purifying action that prevents follicular obstruction, black heads and regulates sebaceous secretion. It restores the natural balance of the hydro-lipidic film, eliminates excess oil and at the same time it hydrates deeply seborrheic skin with acne tendency..