Académie Scientifique de Beauté has pioneered the service of beauty for more than one century.

Our products are truly artisanal in the tradition of our French values and expertise. Yet, we also pride ourselves on the cutting edge science we employ for the exceptional results you can expect from every Academie Scientifique de Beaute product.

A family operated company with a long tradition of excellence and a 100% French production, has passed the soul of the brand from generation to generation.

Académie is universally recognized for innovating treatment methods according to skin types and their problems. Each skin care product of the brand is the result of an uncompromising scientific research in terms of quality and know-how set up by our “beauty artisans”.

Since 1890, Académie Scientifique de Beauté has had a worldwide reputation for bringing science and beauty together with products that are luxurious to the senses and produce outstanding results. Starting with the famous “Princesse des Crèmes” formulated in 1890 to the scientific breakthrough “Formule Merveilleuse” an age recovery serum that dramatically changes the skin for exceptional anti-aging results.

Brand Highlights:

  • First Beauty Salon in Paris
  • First Beauty Massages
  • First Aesthetic School
  • Hormonal Ampoules for Skin Regeneration
  • First World Patent for Collagen Skin Cream
  • First Sun Care Products for Protection and Tanning
  • First Moisturizing Treatment Foundation
  • First Tinted Self Tanning Lotion
  • First Treatment for Ultra Sensitive Skin
  • Scientifically Advanced Ultra Age Recovery System
  • Natural Hydraderm Formula Cream
  • DermActe Medical Spa Treatment Skin Care Line
  • Marvelous Formula Age Recovery Serum
  • State-of-the-Art Laboratories